The Calendar of the Soul - A Path to the Spirit Sun

Talk by Richard Steel to the North American Council for Anthroposophic Curative Education and Social Therapy

Welcome to our Journey through the Year!

We are happy that you will be with us for this special project!

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The two introductory talks (February and March) will be available to you the whole year. And from Holy Week (April 10th) the presentations for each week of the year will be here for you!

We wish you a good journey!

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Talk series will remain available to registered participants.

1. Introductionary Talk

Connecting our Heart to the Rhythms of the World

2. Introductionary Talk

Experiencing the World as a Being of Time


A new English translation of the 52 verses of the Calendar of the Soul by Richard Steel.


Hardback, 71 Pages, including the original German verses and new translations of the two prefaces given by Rudolf Steiner in 1912 and 1918.


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Texts and lectures by Karl König as a guide towards the meditative path of the Calendar of the Soul

Including the "Metamorphosis of the Cross"

An Inner Journey through the Year

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The Calendar of the Soul

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